WP2: Internationalisation Strategic Plans

Internationalisation Strategic Plans 
The main goal of WP 2 is the development of an internationalisation strategic plan for each academic college as well as internationalisation priorities on the national level. The purpose of the strategy is to serve as a guide for the introduction and development of internationalisation policies and activities in the academic colleges. The plan will include strategic objectives, prioritisation of key focus areas of international cooperation activities, guidelines for curriculum internationalisation and the infusion of internationalisation into teaching, research and administration. The two workshops will provide college staff with the relevant knowledge and tools to develop a strategic internationalisation plan.

Ms. Ruth Graf, Ms. Dora Longoni, and Ms. Gudrun Paulsdottir, from EAIE, lead the WP. The activities include: two workshops, development of strategic plans for the colleges, and guidelines for strategic plan on national level.

IRIS Final Report National strategies and support

Workshop2 – Vision Strategy & Implementation
Agenda: 27-28 Aug, 2013. Shenkar College

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