The Study Program

Software Engineering
The software engineering industry is charged with meeting an ever-increasing need to develop successful software solutions amid the reality of large complex systems and constantly changing demands. The field of software engineering provides advanced technological solutions tailored to these needs.

The objective of the Software Engineering Department is to produce engineers who have broad knowledge in the theoretical areas of computer science as well as the ability to analyze and apply this knowledge to software engineering and development. The department’s graduates acquire the knowledge and skills that allow them to excel in the software industry, as well as continue on to graduate studies.

The study program includes three stages:

  • The first stage provides students with the scientific infrastructure needed by engineers: mathematics, physics, computer science basics etc.
  • The second stage includes engineering and technological studies; students acquire a basis in a range of engineering technologies and approaches related to software systems development.
  • In the third stage, students select the areas in which they will specialize; upon completion of the study program, they are trained as software engineers in these specific areas.

The department trains its graduates through a system that integrates theory and practice in diverse specialization areas: Computer structure, networks, information security, intelligent systems, bio-informatics, and scientific programming.

In each specialization area, the students’ curriculum covers applied approaches that encompass analysis, specification, design, testing and change management, while focusing on software engineering processes for development and maintenance of software-hardware integrated systems.

Certified computer technicians are eligible to apply to a program of supplementary courses that they must complete in order to continue to an engineering degree. After successfully completing the supplementary courses, technicians join the regular third year of the engineering track.