The Physics Department is in charge of teaching the basic courses in physics for the engineering departments. Physics lies in the basis of most of the engineering studies. Therefore the study of physics stresses the understanding of principles, proficiency in the use of mathematical tools, and the analysis of problems with the aid of these tools. In parallel, the student acquires the skills of laboratory work. The courses in physics are adjusted to the needs of the various engineering departments, but the underlying principles are common for all of them.

In addition to the basic courses, the Physics Department offers some advanced courses to the engineering departments, such as electromagnetic fields for electrical engineering or physical aspects of instrumentation for biotechnology students.

Faculty members in the department are involved in a variety of activities. Their research deals with superconductivity, optics, statistical physics, astrophysics, as well as physics teaching. The Physics Department hosted the yearly meeting of the Israel Physical Society in 2005. In June 2007 it organized an international meeting on superconductivity in collaboration with Bar-Ilan University and the Weizmann Institute.

*Some of the faculty members also teach in other universities or have written textbooks. Others are engaged in activities such as training the Israeli teams for international concourses in physics, which over the years have won many medals.