Braude College of Engineering invites you to go…
“I’ve been really fortunate to interact with a great group of students who work hard, but also make time for people.” ---Kathleen Kraines, Junior, MIT University in Cambridge, Mass, USA

“It’s been a life changing experience. You can’t replicate it anywhere in the US…. It’s been one of the best experiences I’ve done…” --- Sydney Cannon Bailey, Junior, Pitt University in Pittsburgh, PA, USA

“I think of it as the Silicon Valley of the Middle East, and for a young country, it’s impressive the amount of entrepreneurship that has been developed here.”

Take an amazing 16-week journey through our Study Abroad program. Get an insider’s view of Israel, and an incomparable, hands-on learning experience.

Enjoy small classes that enable deeper relationships between students and professors. And every course is taught in English and attended by international and Israeli students alike, giving you multiple windows into today’s global world.
Our lecturers are seasoned professionals with decades of hands-on industry experience. Travel with them way beyond the academy, into the heart of Israeli industry. There you’ll experience the application of state-of-the-art engineering into some of today’s most advanced global tech companies.

Beyond academia, meet Israel – as it really is:

Travel the country and experience the multiple facets of Israeli society first-hand, from ancient sites to modern-day kayaking down the Jordan River. Paired with an adoptive Israeli family, you’ll find you’ve never felt this much at home.
Braude College of Engineering is more than just Israel’s leading college of engineering – it’s an integral part of the Israeli ecosystem… come join us this spring.


Braude College Strategy for Internationalization


At Braude College of Engineering we recognize the value of Internationalization as an important element of the institution's strategy. To effectively implement this strategy, we place a special focus on student and staff mobility, participation in educational and research programmes, networking, membership in European associations and organizations, as well as collaborative links with stakeholders.


The quality of engineering teaching is more effective in a research-based institution, and research at Braude College is conducted internationally, in collaboration with EU partners as well as with other institutions around the world. Partner institutions are chosen and approved by the Braude College Vice-President's Office, with the support of the International Relations Office.


English is the leading international communication tool in the various fields of engineering.. Most textbooks used to train engineering students at Braude College are written in English, and thus command of the English language has become an important component of engineering studies. We also believe that it is important for Braude College students to be exposed to international students who bring with them diverse styles of learning and different perspectives in their thinking. The need, therefore, to study engineering courses in English, together with the wish to expose Braude College students to foreign students, has fostered the need for more courses to be taught in English at Braude College. For this reason, Braude College has placed an emphasis on increasing the number of engineering courses taught in English at the college. The Teaching and Learning Unit at Braude College provides ongoing training and support for teachers and students in innovative, student-centered pedagogy, while with the commitment of the college’s management, initiatives such as the implementation of e-learning and blended learning will continue to be developed and expanded.


Student and staff mobility, as well as professional staff development, are an added value to cross-border cooperation and exchange schemes. The infrastructure of Braude College has been improving continuously, so that both the staff and students have access to cutting-edge facilities and equipment, allowing them to teach, learn and conduct research using advanced technologies. The academic and administrative staff receive support from the college management enabling them to participate in international educational and research programs, including mobility schemes. Student study programs are developed with the assistance of external entrepreneurs representing stakeholders in their respective discipline and industry, in order to build effective links between education, research and business.


As part of Braude College's internationalization concept, we aim to attract students from abroad for one semester of engineering studies while offering them an opportunity to learn about industry in Israel. Social life is an important component of the study abroad program at Braude College, and this is supported by the staff who involve the foreign students in cultural activities in and around the college.


In summary, the strategy of Braude College is to develop partnerships with other institutions regarding teaching and learning, to create an international environment for our students at the college, and to provide our students with opportunities to benefit from a learning experience abroad. Furthermore, we aim to attract researchers and staff from other countries, while providing our own staff with opportunities to participate in exchange programs and expand their horizons by teaching and working abroad.