Third Annual Industry-Academia Conference
Corporate Responsibility in Academia and Industry
Hundreds of senior personnel in Israeli academia and industry attend the Industry-Academia Conferences held at ORT Braude College in Karmiel.

Participants, the majority of whom come from organizations working in the fields of production, management, economics, business, technology, and research and development, enjoy a broad range of lectures during the sessions and plenum given by leading speakers, who share their knowledge and experience with the audience. The conference also includes an exhibition of projects carried out by the College’s graduates as well as excellent venue and hosting facilities.

The Industry-Academia Conferences focus on the relationship between academia and industry, given its centrality in an era of growth and innovation. The conferences examine how collaboration between industry and academia can generate new areas of study required by industry, facilitate the integration of industry people in academia and promote engineers in leading and making key contributions to the state’s economy.
It is not surprising that the relationship between industry and academia is being nurtured specifically by ORT Braude College. ORT Braude College champions the vision of educating engineers “from academia through to industry”.
Prof. Yohanan Arzi, President of ORT Braude College, emphasized this unwavering support in his opening address to last year’s conference participants: “We are making every effort to promote collaboration and cooperation between ingdustry and academia and we have made a strategic decision to continue being industry-oriented.”