The Study Program

For the first time in the Galilee, the Ort Braude College of Engineering has opened a three year study program for a Bachelor of Science (B.Sc) in Applied Mathematics.

Applied Mathematics is a field involving the study of natural and societal phenomena through mathematic tools. Accordingly, applied mathematics serves as the basis for  a wide variety of industrial and research fields: analysis of technological and economic processes, streamlining planning and reducing production costs, financial management in institutions and organizations, processing and forecasting experiment results.

Three years of study provide the program’s graduates with a solid foundation in mathematics, an understanding of economic laws, the ability to integrate multiple disciplines, the expertise to apply computerized models, and basic knowledge of electronic and mechanical systems, which serves as an advantage for graduates entering the fields of industry and research.

In the framework of the program, students will specialize in mathematical modeling in economics or electro-mechanic systems, which will allow the program's graduates to join advanced technology development teams in the following fields: banking and investment counseling, nanotechnology and robotics, computerized tomography, medical equipment, and environmental quality.
Furthermore, during their studies, students may attain a teaching certificate, making it possible for the program's graduates to work as math teachers.