When are you open?
STARTING 11.11.18
Sunday: 8.30-10.30
Monday: 8.30-10.30
Tuesday: 12.50-14.50
Wednesday: 8.30-10.30
Thursday: 8.30-10.30
Where will this all take place?
In the Language & Writing Support Center, EF507.
Am I allowed to just come in to use the computers?
If you simply need a computer, this is not the place for you. This lab is specifically for those needing assistance with English. There are a limited number of computers in this lab.
How does it all work?
When you enter the lab, register with the support center manager and explain what type of assistance, if any, that you require.
Can I bring my own laptop?

Conversation Groups for Students

How do I register to be a part of a Conversation Group?

Download and complete this form. Return it to Keren Berkovitz of the English Studies Unit by emailing it to

What does being part of a Conversation Group mean?

Being part of a Conversation Group means you have a chance to practice your spoken English for 45 minutes on a variety of relevant topics with your peers, in a safe and supportive environment free of judgement.

Do I have to sign up?

No, this is strictly voluntary.

When does the LWSC open?

At the start of the new semester.

When will these groups take place?

Tuesdays during the long lunch break.

Writing Assistance

What sort of writing assistance is available to me?

Building and reviewing your CV, assistance with writing tasks from courses, and presentations.

Can you help me with my coursework?

If you make an appointment during the Center hours, we can review your written work together.

Is this only for the English Unit Courses?

No, this is for any English Course you are taking at Braude.

Teacher referrals

What is a "teacher referral"?

Your teacher feels you need extra help with specific language skills. In order to help you succeed in the course, she (or he) will recommend you attend the center for assistance.

If a teacher refers me, do I have to go?

No, attendance at the center is not compulsary. However, your teacher will only refer you if she (or he) believes you need assistance.

What will I do in the center if I am referred?

Your teacher will inform the center manager of what you require.


What help can you give me with presentations?

Practice presenting individually or with your group. This can be done with or without filming. For this option, please set up an appointment by emailing

What about creating a presentation?

We are happy to assist and advise while you create your own presentation.