President's Message

Message from the President

The ORT Braude Academic College of Engineering is currently in the process of accelerated growth.  During its years of activity, in addition to its academic endeavors, the college has also assumed public responsibility and has positioned itself as an important social-community anchor in the Galilee.  The college enables thousands of young people, with potential and ambition, to acquire an excellent engineering education, which opens doors for them to the forefront of industry and scientific and technological advancement.

Due to our ongoing success, the college was granted the Yitzchak Rabin Quality and Excellence Award in 2009.  This excellence is made possible thanks to many people, and particularly the academic faculty members - lecturers and researchers - who are all professionals of the first order, who work diligently to update the curriculums and adapt them to the industry’s needs, and who consider the higher education of the next generation to be of vital national importance.

As an organization that strives for excellence, the college attributes great importance to the advancement and promotion of students with high grades and prerequisites.  We encourage excellence and it is our aim that our graduates leave our institution as intelligent, creative engineers with an applied research orientation of the highest order.

Nonetheless, together with this uncompromising approach, we also believe that every student has the right to build a professional-academic future.  Therefore, we provide talented candidates, who did not benefit from equal educational opportunities, with an opportunity to prove their abilities, while setting high academic requirements.  As a leading academic institution in its field in the Galilee, we believe that this policy is our mission and it sends an essential and important social message.

The college operates in an environment that is characterized by many challenges, and a competitive and dynamic nature, as a result of the fast pace of development that is characteristic of the modern era.  More than ever before, tomorrow’s engineers require intellectual thinking, vigilance, initiative, a systematic approach, an ability to work both as part of a team and for self-study, and above all, ‘open-mindedness’ and professionalism.  In order to achieve this goal, we provide our students with a comprehensive support system that features innovative study methods, state-of-the-art research labs, personal mentors, incentives and scholarships.

During their studies, the students will receive a thorough and comprehensive background in scientific fields, which acts as a basis for the specific field they have chosen to study, as well as an opportunity for practical experience and direct exposure to industry, as part of the unique internship program developed at the college.

Naturally, these interrelations have created a reality in which leading companies and plants are familiar with the professional quality of the college’s graduates; and consequently, they hire these graduates and benefit from their talents.

As a central academic anchor and an institution that has assumed corporate social responsibility in order to make higher education accessible for the entire population, the college has developed a community involvement program, in addition to its academic and research programs.  This involvement is expressed in its activities, workshops and events, all of which feature educational-scientific value, offered specifically to the younger generation.   We attribute great importance to encouraging our students to give back to the community; and by offering various loans and scholarships, we encourage them to give of their time and talents to benefit sectors that are in need of their assistance.

Israel is positioned at the forefront of scientific and technological advancement, thanks to the encouragement of excellence and original and bold thinking.  The ORT Braude College of Engineering has espoused these values and instills them in its graduates.  In the coming years, we will continue to cooperate with leading institutions of higher education both in Israel and overseas, to develop applied research at the college, promote new curriculums and justify our reputation, in order to attract young people with high academic ability to come study with us, in the country’s northern periphery, and to take part in our academic-industrial-Zionist endeavor.

Professor Arie Maharshak
President of the College