Emotional Education Counseling


Emotional education counseling is personal counseling offered to all students
dealing with difficulties in learning.

The purpose of the consultation is to fulfil personal potential: learning through identification and individual work on the factors that hinder students from achieving their academic goals. The counseling is tailored to students of all faculties and years of study, and is intended to advance each person from their starting point. The counseling focuses on improving learning abilities by imparting learning skills and adapting them to the requirements of ORT Braude, raising students’ academic self-image, expanding personal and learning awareness, and reducing concerns that lead to setbacks.

The counseling deals with the inevitable meeting between the field of study (through the acquisition of learning strategies) and the emotional realm, and allows internalization of skills — adjusted for personal use.

The counseling is confidential and is given while maintaining standards of ethics and confidentiality

Advice for Arab Students

The Dean of Students offers a unique project that aims to support students of the College who are members of Arab communities. Support is provided throughout the school year and includes programs and an array of unique counseling adapted to Arab society.