Community Involvement

The Unit for Social Involvement acts through the dean’s office, managed by Ms. Eti Shperberg.

The unit attempts to realize the vision of the College regarding its commitment to Israeli society and the Galilee; the region where College lives and breathes.
The Unit for Social Involvement Unit was established to integrate the students in social action, values, and education in the community, and especially in nourishing and encouraging marginalized populations in society.
We believe that the students at ORT Braude are a valuable human resource who must be integrated into diverse areas of society. For these missions, we recruit the best students. The unit runs programs in the fields of community involvement and partnership between the College and the region. Within the framework of the unit it is possible to participate in a variety of formal and informal, social and environmental programs.

Community involvement and activity for the benefit of the community are the conditions for  are the conditions for receiving a scholarship from the College. Any student can apply to work through the unit, and the request will be considered after an interview and a check of the criteria suitability for various projects. Students are scheduled into programs only after a screening process that examines their experience in social activities, their academic achievements, their general economic and social backgrounds, and other unique data relevant to the program.