The Data Mining Institute at ORT Braude College was founded by Prof. Zeev Volkovich to focus in research and industrial projects associated with data mining applications. The group is comprised of 11 faculty members:

  • Prof. Zeev Volkovich (institute head)
  • Dr. Renata Avros
  • Prof. Zeev Barzily
  • Dr. Zakharia Frenkel
  • Mr. Alex Frid
  • Dr. Katerina Korenblat
  • Dr. Nissan Lev-Tov
  • Dr. Elena Ravve
  • Dr. Avi Soffer
  • Dr. Dvora Toledano Kitai
  • Dr. Orly Yahalom.

The institute also employs 4 external researchers:

  • Prof. Alexander Bolshoy (Haifa University)
  • Prof. Oleg Granichin (Sankt-Petersburg University)
  • Prof Valery Kirzner (Haifa University)
  • Dr. Peter Soriano (Ort Braude College, retiree)

The projects that were, or are being, developed include:

  • Heuristic approaches to for the search of networks , under the FP7 grant “New Algorithms for Host Pathogen Systems Biology”;
  • Optimization of technical service schedules, supported by the ASTEA Company;
  • Investigation of user activities, under an agreement with the Paris branch of ORANGE;
  • Infection and protein chain discovery;
  • Medical image processing for brain white matter and bone fracture status; in collaboration with physicians at the Ziv Hospital;
  • Intelligent testing and analysis of CONCURENT software, under a Bi-National CZECH-ISRAELI grant.

The researchers in the Institute also carry out many studies in of cluster validation, graph clustering and application of machine learning methodology to medical, biological, cloud computing and software engineering problems.