The 2nd Industry-Academia Conference
Industry‐Oriented Innovation in Academia
Manufacturers Association of Israel, Northern Branch
Conference on
Industry‐Oriented Innovation in Academia, Tuesday, 1.25.2011
Call for Papers [1]
The 2nd Industry-Academia Conference
January 25, 2011
at ORT Braude College
Karmiel, Israel
The Israeli industry is required to respond to rapid technological changes and to compete with large-scale international companies and new economic powers.
In this state of affairs, the academia is required to adjust its curricula to the developing technological world. As a living example, we recently witness the emergence of novel engineering programs, including specialization programs as well as interdisciplinary ones. Many of the recent academic programs are developed in the academic colleges, and among them are Master's programs. The conference will discuss the optimal ways for maintaining the relationship between academia and industry, for the benefit of fruitful cooperation for both parties, in developing, updating and operating curricula. Cooperation projects may include suggested teaching subjects by industry, engaging lecturers from industry in academia, founding joint laboratories and also directing and encouraging employees to acquire advanced courses and academic degrees. Faculty and industry professionals are invited to share their views on these issues

The conference is best suitable for senior executives, senior engineers and senior academics The
conference will encompass:

• Invited plenary talks.
• Session talks by the conference participants.
• Recapitulative panel discussion
• Poster exhibition –projects in the framework of student training in industry and research
• Visits in the college labs
• Personal meetings between industrialists and academics with common expertise.
Those who are interested in delivering a 10-20 minute presentation at the conference are invited to submit a paper on one of the following issues:
1. To what degree should the academia adjust its curricula in order to follow current needs of the industry?
2. To what extent and in what way should the industry be involved in developing academic programs?
3. Engaging lecturers from industry in academia.
4. Is the emergence of new academic programs addressing the requirements of industry, or is it a result of the competition between academic institutes?
5. Specialization study programs vs. interdisciplinary study programs.
6. Master's degrees with thesis vs. Master's degrees without thesis
7. Compromising between the requirements of the industry and those of the Council for Higher Education.
8. The role of the government in the relationship between academia and industry.
9. Other relevant issues.

Submission process:
A. Suggestions for a 10-20 minutes conference lecture should be sent to email until December 10, 2010.
B. A suggestion should contain:
• Title of the lecture
• Names and affiliations of the authors
• Email and mobile phone of the presenter
C. The conference committee will reply to suggestions by email until January 3, 2011. If many suggestions will be submitted, the committee will select the ones most relevant for the conference.
D. Abstracts for accepted lectures will be sent by email until January 10, 2011. The abstract will be at most 500 words long, written in Arial font, size 12, with 1.5 line spacing. Accepted file formats are .doc, .docx and .pdf.
E. Abstract file name will comprise of the name of the presenter and the number 2011.
F. A .ppt or .pptx presentation should be sent by email until January 20, 2011. The presentation file name will comprise of the name of the presenter and the number 2011.
December 10, 2010 Proposal submission deadline
January 03, 2011 Notice of proposal acceptance
January 10, 2011 Submission deadline for abstract
January 20, 2011 Submission deadline for PowerPoint presentation
January 25, 2011 Conference
Members of the Organizing Committee:
Prof. Yohanan Arzi, President, ORT Braude College
Mr. Leor Applebaum, Head of Manufacturers Association of Israel, Northern Branch
Dr. Eitan Yudilevich, Executive Director, BIRD Foundation
Dr. Moshe Shimoni, Director, Association of Engineers, Northern Branch
Ms. Dalia Budinger, Media Advisor & Special's Projects Manager, The Galilee Development Authority
Mr. Richard Tabechnik, Committee Chairman & Director Resource Development, ORT Braude College
Dr. Orit Braun Benyamin, Department of Mechanical Engineering, ORT Braude College
Dr. Orly Yahalom, Department of Software Engineering, ORT Braude College
Ms. Na'ama Münster, Bureau of the Vice President, ORT Braude College

The language of the conference is Hebrew. Abstracts may be submitted in English