About the Center

The Galilee Research Center for Applied Mathematics

The Galilee Research Center for Applied Mathematics was established by the Department of Mathematics of ORT Braude College. The center reflects ongoing research collaboration with universities in Israel and abroad, as well as the department's educational efforts in the Applied Mathematics program and in the mathematical education of engineering students in our college. We strongly believe that research of a high standard is crucial for maintaining excellence in teaching.

Our activities include a seminar which hosts mathematicians from other universities in Israel and abroad, as well as applied mathematicians working in industry.

Since 1998, our department has organized several international conferences. In December 2012, the Fifteenth Israeli Applied and Computational Math Mini- Workshop was hosted by ORT Braude College in Karmiel. In May 2013, the Sixth International Conference on Complex Analysis & Dynamical Systems, organized in collaboration with Bar-Ilan University and The University of Miami, was held in Nahariya.

Particularly worthy of note is the extensive collaboration with Bar-Ilan University (Ramat-Gan, Israel), Technion – Israel Institute of Technology (Haifa), University of Potsdam (Germany), Royal Institute of Technology (Stockholm, Sweden), University of Kentucky (USA), Instituto Politécnico Nacional (Mexico), Universidad Complutense Madrid (Spain), and Peoples' Friendship University (Russia).

Research fields we are engaged in include:  geometric function theory, dynamical systems, biomathematics, functional analysis, operator theory, partial differential equations, equations of mathematical physics, mathematical control theory, differential games, Hamiltonian dynamics and mathematics education.