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    Lecturer:  Prof. Andrij Trokhymchuk, Institute for Condensed Matter Physics of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine
    Title:  Statistical mechanics approach to modeling of the soft condensed matter: Fundamentals and applications
    Date & Time: Tuesday, June 27, 2017, at 13:45

    Place: Room EM303, ORT Braude College
    Soft condensed matter is a complex system composed of huge number of atoms and/or molecules. A goal of the modeling of matter in general, and the soft condensed matter in particular is to predict the observed or macroscopic properties. The properties vary depending of both the composition (is it a single atom component, compound, solution or mixture of many different chemical species) as well as the external parameters like temperature, pressure, volume of the system. Statistical mechanics fulfills this task by providing relations between the observable properties of the system and forces acting between the microscopic constituents of the soft condensed matter system. In this lecture, I will present the most important of these relations and will discuss the examples of mathematical issues that are appearing on this way, including those that have been already solved and those that still are in the process.