Dr. Gideon Avigad

Gideon received his BSc from the Holon Institute of Technology in 1989 and an MSc from TAU in 1997
In 1996 he set up GAOS, a company, which plans, manufactures and distributes mobile robots for educational purposes.
His main interest shifted from control and robotics issues towards the field of Evolutionary Computation as he started his PhD studies in 2000 at TAU. Gideon has completed his PhD in 2007 and recently joined ORT Braude College. He is active in the field of Evolutionary-Multi-Objective Optimization (EMO), has established several collaborations with leading scientists in the field and frequently serves as a reviewer in related journals. His main interests are EMO for conceptual design, worst case optimization, constraint multi-objective optimization, multi criteria decision making in the presence of uncertainties, Multi-Multi Objective Optimization and EMO for simultaneous control-structure design
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