Spring Semester

Spring Semesterin the Galilee at the ORT BRAUDE COLLEGE
The spring semester comprises 16 weeks, from March to July. Students benefit from an expert faculty, strong support network, small study groups, and personal attention. Required projects related to leading Israeli companies expose students to real-world engineering challenges and valuable professional contacts. Braude College combines theory with practical laboratory experience and contact with industry. The engineering program offers the following courses:
Advanced Thermodynamics
Academic hours: 70 This advanced course focuses on applications of the First and Second Laws of Thermodynamics in power and refrigeration systems. It also teaches theoretical models of material properties, their mixtures and aspects of combustion of reacting mixtures.
Introduction to Polymers and Plastics
Academic hours: 56This course begins with terminology and concepts of plastics, and examines the molecular weight, structure and morphology of thermoplastic and thermoset polymers. It teaches properties of solid polymeric material and intermolecular interactions, along with evaluation methods of polymers and plastics. Polymeric elastomers and viscoelasticity analysis are also included.
Study in Selected Advanced Israeli Industries
Academic hours: 56This course introduces students to leading industries in Israel, stressing industries unique to the country, and those that are especially developed here. The course will cover technology, manufacturing, engineering practices and business considerations, and will include field trips to relevant plants. Students will learn about different technologies while practicing basic engineering knowledge.
Manufacturing Processes
Academic hours: 42This course looks at manufacturing technologies from the shop floor perspective, along with professional literature, scientific/academic and trade magazines and technical databases. Students use analysis tools and decision-making methodologies to optimize production lines, and suggest manufacturing layouts and solutions for commercial/industrial systems.
Industrial Automation
Academic hours: 70In this introductory course, students learn about automation technologies and manufacturing systems. The rationale for utilizing automation is explored, along with the advantages of both hardware and software-based automation. Laboratory experience ia also included in the course.
Heat Transfer
Academic hours: 56Understanding of the basic principles of heat transfer is essential to the analysis of different industrial and environmental problems. This introductory course stresses physical concepts of heat transfer and analysis methods that derive from basic principles. Real-world engineering examples are presented and developed.
Electricity and Electronics
Academic Hours: 70This introductory course focuses on the basic principles of electricity and electronics. Emphasis is placed on theoretical foundations and practical applications.
For academic information regarding the Engineering Program contact:
Samuel Gazit, Ph.D.Director of Study Abroad ProgramORT Braude College sgazit@braude.ac.il