Athletic Vision

The College’s Athletic Vision
The College Athletic Center will serve as the preferred choice of students, faculty members, administrative employees and residents of the Greater Carmiel region to meet their needs in the field of athletic and sports activity and will promote values related to a healthy and enjoyable lifestyle.  The athletic center emphasizes excellent life skills for a healthy lifestyle and sets high standards for its professional service with an emphasis on the personal touch.

The Students’ Requirement:
Students in the academic programs are required to take two athletic courses in two semesters, during their four years of study.  The college offers a vast selection of sports classes, which are designed for its students and for Carmiel residents alike, including:
Gym, spinning, field tennis, table tennis, Thai boxing, self-defense, body shaping and firming, aerobics, step aerobics, basketball, women’s basket ball, soccer, volleyball, Pilates, Yoga, Biathlon (running and cycling), nutrition and healthy lifestyle.

A.S.A. - Academic Sports Association - Activities
Outstanding athletes represent the college at A.S.A.’s various activities, where the main event is the winter competitions in Eilat.
The following sports teams are offered at the college:  soccer, basketball, field tennis, table tennis, Karate, cycling and it appears that this year, a volleyball team will be formed.

Basketball team:
National champion at the A.S.A. championships; participated in A.S.A.’s international competition in France.
Participation in the college teams is eligible for college credits and scholarships for outstanding athletes.

Sports Facilities:
The college features state-of-the-art sports facilities:  a spacious gym, tennis courts, an integrated soccer field - including two basketball courts, a modern gym with professional equipment, a professional spinning room and showers.
The 20 athletic staff members include teachers, coaches and trainers, who do what it takes to act both professionally and sensitively in order to help you develop in your field of sports and enjoy the varied activities.

Director of the Athletics Department:  Yossi Har Even
Cell phone:  050-4041338
Telefax:  04-9901725