Mini Semester

The program will begin in Jerusalem, with a five-week mini-semester designed to introduce the students to Israeli and Jewish history and archeology. The following courses will be given:
The Emergence of the Modern State of Israel
Academic hours: 45    Academic credits: 3This course examines the emergence of the State of Israel from its origins in the late nineteenth century until today. It deals with the key issues of nation building; the triangular conflict between the Zionists, British and Arabs; emerging religious, ethnic and national tensions; and the evolution of the Arab-Israeli conflict. This course includes a series of field trips around Israel.
Jerusalem through the Ages: History and Archaeology
Academic hours: 45    Academic credits: 3Jerusalem has a rich history, through which it has developed into a city of diversity. This course explores the city of Jerusalem throughout its stages of development: from Biblical times, through the Middle Ages, to the present. Most classes include field trips to sites in the city.