Excellence Program

Program Director: Dr. Samuel Kosolapov
The goal of the program is to promote the college’s outstanding students through personal instruction, enrichment, conducting individual projects and exposure to research. Only 1-2% of all students participate in the excellence program. The program is operated by a committee comprised of the College Vice President for Academic Affairs (Chairman), the program director and a representative of each department and academic unit.
Students in the program are eligible for preferential conditions:
  • Academic scholarships of 50% - 100%
  • Stipends for particularly outstanding students.
  • Personal scholarship program
  • Residential stipend of up to 50% of the cost of the dormitory fees.
  • Eligibility for the dorms
  • Preference for student exchange programs
  • Supervised projects
  • Option of participating in accelerated courses
  • Unique laboratory projects

What the Excellence Program Curriculum Includes:
The students in the program will conduct a project during years 1 and 2 (once a semester) in lieu of a test. The project, which is personally supervised by the course lecturer, includes a research component (possibly an experimental study), which is conducted by the student by himself. The project will provide the student with the tools that will help him cultivate his personal academic capabilities.

Once a year, the program participants participate in a course in a different department that enriches their scientific background and contributes a great
deal to them, because in the modern engineering world, there are many technologies that require scientific background in more than one field. Moreover, the students visit hi-tech and technological plants and research institutions. On these visits, they are exposed to industry and learn about applied ideas related to advanced technologies. In addition, each year, the program’s students attend two lectures on technological/scientific topics at the forefront of research. The lectures are given by experts from industry.

In year 3, the students are required to conduct a research project supervised by a faculty member. The research experience, starting with the first year, is very valuable and gives the student an advantage over the college’s other graduates or graduates of other institutions of higher learning. The research project is accompanied by an annual seminar, in which the students present the research topics and progress to their peers in the program. The college encourages the program’s students to present their research findings at scientific conferences.

Registration Requirements
The Excellence Program candidate must meet three out of four of the following conditions:

  • A matriculation diploma that includes advanced mathematics (5 study units) with a minimum grade of 90 (not including the bonus points).
  • A matriculation diploma that includes advanced scientific or technological major (5 study units) with a minimum grade of 90 (not including the bonus points).
  • A minimum psychometric score of 680.
  • A minimum final grade of 630 (based on the college’s formula).

Additional details are available at the college’s information center: Tel: 1-700-70-80-05