Entrepreneurship and Innovation Center

The goal of the Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation is to create a multidisciplinary environment, which bridges between the college’s various fields of study, through training and inspiring future entrepreneurs in both local and national industry.

The center was established by virtue of Ort Braude College of Technology’s philosophy of encouraging excellence, innovation, entrepreneurship and multidisciplinary thinking.  Its purpose is to foster thinking and ideas and to offer a broad platform for the presentation of business targets, and concurrently, to serve as an impetus for implementing the ideas in a successful manner.

The center acts as a coordinator between all the college departments, evaluates the various aspects of the diverse curriculums and offers methods for implementing development processes for business initiatives, starting with the stage of identifying the marketing opportunity until a business plan is presented to the potential investor.  The center combines teams of experts, business incubators, and councils, institutions and organizations both in Israel and overseas.  The Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation offers students and faculty member fertile ground for realizing their inherent potential.