Research and Devlopment

Ort Braude College strives to be the preferred choice of students and faculty members and works to promote excellence in teaching and research, placing an emphasis on the personal needs of each individual.
The subject of research at the college is an important aspect of the college’s vision.  The process of hiring new faculty members is contingent upon their record and proven research capability and the volume of research activity that is conducted at the college is on the rise.
In the spirit of its vision, the college invests considerable financial resources in encouraging research, through scholarships, reducing hours (reducing teaching hours on account of involvement in research), offering research grants, financing faculty members’ travel to training seminars and conferences, financial remuneration for submitting research proposals that receive positive feedback, organizing interdisciplinary college research conferences and international research conferences.

Encouraging research serves a number of important purposes:

  • Involvement in research keeps the lecturer/researcher current in terms of new developments related to his field and allows for up-to-date teaching.
  • Proven involvement in research is as an essential condition for creating a faculty reserve that will be capable of training students for advanced research degrees in the future (at the moment, there are only first and second degrees offered).

Every three years, a research booklet is published that coordinates the faculty members’ research activity for those years.  The booklet includes information about the college, its research centers and the activity in the field of research at the various departments (faculty members’ fields of research, publications in international journals, presentations of research studies by faculty members at international and national research conferences, books/chapters that were written/edited by faculty members, research grants received by faculty members from external foundations, including the prestigious FP7 and ISF grants, national and international research conferences organized by the college and its various departments, patents registered in the names of the college’s faculty members, leading scientific periodicals for which faculty members serve as reviewers and guest lectures by faculty members at academic institutions in Israel and around the world.

The publication of the booklet serves a number of purposes:

  • Concentrating the activity in the field of R&D at the college and bringing this information to the awareness of the entire faculty, in order to foster future interdepartmental cooperation in the field of research.
  • Introducing academics and members of industry to the extensive research activity in the college’s various fields, in order to promote the college’s reputation, to encourage cooperation with researchers outside the college (both from Israel and worldwide, including from industry).