The Vice President for Academic Affairs

The Vice President for Academic Affairs (VPAA) is responsible for the ongoing academic management at the college. He is responsible for maintaining the highest standards of teaching and ensuring its constant improvement, as well as for promoting research development that aims to enlist the cooperation of leading research institutions and publishes studies on an international level. The VPAA serves as proxy for the academic council and is responsible, on its behalf, to ensure the implementation of the academic regulations in the curriculum, the quality of the teaching, the execution of research, promoting the academic faculty members, planning the academic calendar and the implementation of academic discipline and ethics by faculty members and the students. The VPAA is responsible for the college’s academic secretariat, the research authority and the library. Assisting the VPAA in filling his duties are the following institutions of which he is a member:

  • The Academic Council.
  • The Department Heads Forum (the VPAA serves as the chairman).
  • The Research Committee (the VPAA serves as the chairman).
  • The appointment committee that ranks and promotes teaching faculty at the college.
  • The Committee for Academic Affairs at the college.
  • The committee that selects outstanding academic faculty and lecturers.
  • The committee for training seminars at the college (the VPAA serves as the chairman).
  • The disciplinary committee’s appeals committee (the VPAA serves as the chairman).