Career Development Center

Career Development Center


The Career Development Centre was established in view of college students’ pronounced need for services and support in the area of employment, at various stages of their studies.
The center aims to expand awareness of the importance of developing individual career paths, strengthening relationships with industry, and providing a focused and practical solution for students and candidates for academic studies, depending on each person’s unique needs.

The central focus is to aid students in later years of study (third and fourth years) for the purpose of finding internships and integrating into the world of work.

The services provided by the center are designed to realize these objectives, and include individual counseling processes to select courses of study and plan careers, lectures and a variety of workshops on integration into the world of work, contact with potential employers, job advertisements, and organizing recruitment days and job fairs.

The center's staff includes professionals who specialize in career development and planning.


  • Lectures on the world of work and integration into it 
  •  Personal career advice – career planning and management
  • Career workshops – writing resumes, preparing for job interviews, job searches on the internet, forming career identities, and building a career plans
  • A system for job searches including posting resumes and exposure to diverse job offers
  • Recruitment days
  • Job fairs