Alumni Testimonials

  • Michal Fisher, electrical and electronic engineering graduate

    international marketing and sales manager for Eastern Europe at Orbit, Netanya.

    ORT Braude provided me with the ability to learn and internalize any new field. There is no academic institution that provides knowledge that is exactly tailored to the specific work that you do, but at Ort Braude, I developed the ability for thinking and learning. To be honest, there is a lot of ‘copy-paste’ from the internet in the final thesis. During your internship, you dive into the real industry, with constant interaction with real life. I do not regret studying at Braude for one minute. Today, I am on a track toward a third degree. I thank Braude, I take off my hat to them for the opportunity they gave me.

  • Sagi Shitrit, Mechanical Engineering Department

    Completing his studies after a year at MIT in Boston, as part of an internship.

    The connection with MIT was made thanks to a personal relationship with a lecturer in the department. Within three weeks from the time I made the inquiry, I found myself in Boston, recipient of a warm welcome from the MIT project coordinator and found my place in one of the world’s leading laboratories in the field of bio-medicine. I joined a group engaged in the development of biological ‘glues’ as a solution to the problem of multiple surgeries required to remove malignant tumors from internal organs. The biological glue ‘seals’ the sutures and helps quickly heal the surgical area. In addition to the exposure to high level research, I learned a tremendous amount and became familiar with the world’s state-of-the-art technology. I am currently considering employment options and the responses I have received prove that ORT Braude is considered to be an excellent college in the workforce and the demand for its graduates is high. In addition to the quality of the lecturers and the vibrant student life, there is no doubt that Braude’s advantage in relation to other institutions is the internship period. I gained valuable experience and I am proud of this and feel confident regarding my ability to function in quality positions.

  • Abie Malul, graduate of the software engineering faculty

    Head of the Software Team at CMT Medical Technologies
    Ort Braude was my first choice, because I wasn’t prepared to give up my social life during my years of study. The first year was difficult; the high level of the courses in the exact sciences was like jumping into the deep end. Ort Braude provided me with the ability for quick and independent study and creative thinking. The internship provided me with something no course could: integration into a company as an engineer, interaction with experienced engineers, coping with real problems and searching for solutions in real time, professional experience with specific tools - which helped me decide which field I wished to go into in the future.
  • Rafi Hadad, Graduate of the Industrial Engineering and Management Faculty

    Project Manager and Management Member at Flextronics
    What I remember from ORT Braude is the family atmosphere and study in small groups on a very high academic level, as well as difficulties during my studies. The internship was an integral part of the studies, with no option to choose. At first, we were concerned - why would they take students to work? In retrospect, it turns out that is the college’s advantage. The employers are familiar with the level of the students from Ort Braude and they offer an internship for a student’s salary and with less commitment. For the student this is a clear advantage - he can express himself in the best possible manner to the employer, the organization and everything related to industry.
  • Hen Prizent, graduate of the biotechnological engineering faculty

    studying in the pharmacology doctoral track at Rochester University
    If I had to sum up Braude in a few words, I would choose two main highlights, where at least one of them has had a direct impact on my life today. The first is the opportunity to take part in the “Group Leaders” project, during which I was trained to run interactive workshops for small groups of first year students, in a course with a high rate of failure. This experience provided me with great satisfaction and tools for later on. The second highlight of my studies was the internship. I was sent to Rochester University in New York for six months, where I was involved in a significant project (which consequently was published in a prestigious scientific journal). I investigated the differences between the immune system’s various cells in their response to infection, by injecting fluorescent antibodies in order to distinguish between the different cells. The test was conducted in real time, while examining the blood vessels of an anaesthetized mouse. I wouldn’t have missed this internship - it was the best preparation for the ‘real world’. I am currently studying in the second year of a doctoral program in pharmacology at Rochester University. There is no doubt that thanks to ORT Braude, a door was opened to me, and I felt well equipped with the tools I needed to succeed in my first year of the challenging program.
  • Shiri Azoulay Albilia
    Shiri Azoulay Albilia

    Shiri Azoulay Albilia - Graduate of the Industrial Engineering and Management Faculty

    Shiri Azoulay Albilia (28), resident of Kiryat Yam and graduate of ORT Braude College in Carmiel, traveled to the famous business center. “Whoever is given this opportunity should not hesitate to take it.” Shiri is the first Israeli student who did her internship at Standard and Poor’s (S&P) in Manhattan, in the U.S. Her internship at the company was part of her studies in the industry and management program at the college. As part of her internship at companies and research institutes, Shiri traveled to the famous business center. The company where Azoulay Albilia conducted her internship provides economic consultation services. Its products and services include credit rating, reliability assessment, funds, risk management solutions, government services and information services. 
    The article was published on the Mynet website by Galit Peri on 15.2 - for the full article: click here
  • Asi Hadad - Graduate of the Biotechnological Engineering Department

    I studied at the college from 2003 to 2007. I did my internship from 2006 to 2007 at the Weizman Institute in the Neurobiology Department in Professor Teichberg’s laboratory. During my internship, I was engaged in research and development of a biotechnological patent in the field of swimming pools. For the past two years, I have worked at Tower Semiconductor in Migdal Ha’emek as a process engineer. My work involves the control of processes related to the production line and professional support for the production line, creating work procedures and providing engineering solutions while constantly improving the process in an independent fashion and as part of a work team.
  • Ofir Manshas
    Ofir Manshas

    אופיר מנשס - בוגר המחלקה להנדסת ביוטכנולוגיה

    עובד בחברת cytolab : "החברה הנה אחת ממספר שחקנים מצומצם בעולם המייצרים ציטוקינים בכלל ולמטרת מחקר בפרט. בתחום הציטוקינים אני משתלב החל מתהליך גידול החיידקים (פרמנטציות) שהמשכו הוא מגוון שיטות ניקוי הכוללות טכניקות Ion exchange, שיקועים ומיצויים, HPLC וזיקוק. בנוסף אני מבצע את תהליכי ה- Re-Folding. בתחום הנוגדנים אני אחראי על ייצור כל הנוגדנים בארץ החל מהכנת הקולונות וכלה בתהליכי הניקוי. בנוסף, פעם בשבוע אני נפגש עם חוקרים במגוון אוניברסיטאות, מוסדות מחקר וחברות על מנת לשווק את מוצרינו. ולבסוף אני מייצג את החברה בחלק מהכנסים המדעיים (ייצוג שיווקי) המתקיימים בארץ ובחו"ל.