Braude with Direction to Industry

The ORT Braude Academic College of Engineering is engaged in cooperative efforts with industry in various ways, such as establishing laboratories for plants that work in fields taught at the college, creating projects in which both the academic faculty and the students are involved, accepting students into the industry internship program and projects, as well as conducting joint research studies.  The college is interested in expanding these cooperative efforts and welcomes proposals for cooperation with industries and organizations from across the country, including:
  • Participation in the internship program.
  • Student involvement in projects.
  • Establishing extensions of facilities in the vicinity of the college, with the assistance of our students, graduates and the academic faculty.
  • Joint research funded by industry, with or without the participation of the Chief Scientist.
  • The college’s experts solve industry related problems.
  • Training programs based on industry specifications.
  • Scholarships granted in exchange for future engagement.
  • Participation in consortiums in frameworks such as the European Union and the Magnet.
  • Assistance with establishing study fields and laboratories in which industry has an interest.