ד"ר לורן ברמן

ד"ר לורן ברמן

Dr. Lauren Berman

ד"ר לורן ברמן
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English Unit
Research Interests

Folklore, Children's Literature, Fantasy Literature

Advanced 1, Advanced 2 (Software), Myths and Legends
Current Position
Lecturer, English Unit, Coordinator of Advanced 1
Contact Information
A2 005
Office Hours
By appointment
2011 English Literature (Cum Laude). University of Haifa, Israel.
2007 Children’s Literature (Merit). University of Reading, UK.
2004 English Literature, University of Haifa, Israel.
Research Areas
Folklore, Children's Literature, Fantasy Literature
Academic Appointments
2010-present Lecturer, Gordon College of Education, Haifa English Literature
2005-present Teacher, Ort Braude College of Engineering Karmiel, English Studies Unit
2003-2008 Teacher, Ort Braude College of Engineering Gifted Children’s Center Advanced English for gifted 8th and 9th graders
2003-2004 Neurocognitive Research Laboratory University of Haifa Preparatory course for the MA entrance exam in English
Teaching Experience
ORT Braude College of Engineering:
Undergraduate Courses:Advanced English Level 1Advanced English Level 2 – SoftwareMyths and Legends
Gordon College of Education

Undergraduate Courses:Introduction to Prose and Drama20th Century LiteratureStyle and ComprehensionWritten ExpressionWriting and Editing

Academic and Professional Awards and Grants
2007 University of Haifa, Conference Participation Award
2003 University of Haifa, Excellence Scholarship
Professional Activities
ORT Braude College:
Refereed Papers
  1. Berman, Lauren. “Rowling’s Devil: Ancient Archetype of Modern Manifestation?” The Journal for the Academic Study of Magic, 4 (2007): 163-196.
  2. Berman, Lauren. “Dragons and Serpents in J. K. Rowling's Harry Potter Series: Are They Evil?”. Mythlore: A Journal of J. R. R Tolkien, C. S. Lewis, Charles Williams, and Mythopoeic Literature. 27: 1-2 [103-104] (2008), 45-65.
  3. Berman, Lauren. “Culture and Disease in The X-Files”. Journal of Popular Culture (under revision).
  4. Berman, Lauren. “Time Travel in Jane Yolen’s The Devil's Arithmetic and Janet Lunn’s The Root Cellar”. The Lion & The Unicorn (in preparation).
  5. Berman, Lauren. “You are Who You Eat: Cannibalism in Myth, Folklore and Urban Legend”. Journal of Folklore (in preparation).
  6. Berman, Lauren. “The Death Motif in Robet Louis Stevenson’s Treasure Island. Children's Literature (in preparation).
  1. Berman, Lauren. “The Philosophy of Evil in Harry Potter.” (Under Revision, Taylor & Francis publishers).
Conference Proceedings and Abstracts
  1. Berman, Lauren. “Impaled on Its Own Sword: The Self-Destructiveness of Evil in the Harry Potter Series.” Proceedings of Accio 2008: A Harry Potter Series, Magdalen College, Oxford, July 25-26, 2008. Pp.16-21.